Kaptam egy érdekes adatot: Jacques Villeneuve volt az utolsó olyan F1-bajnok, aki a(z utolsó) vb-címe után soha nem nyert futamot. Előtte Jody Schekter volt az. (Mármint akik versenyeztek még utána, mert Rosberg se fog nyerni több versenyt, de ő visszavonult, szóval nincs is lehetősége a vb-cím után nyerni.) Villeneuve rekordjában az a durva, hogy a címe után még 132 versenyen indult úgy, hogy nem nyert…

Kaptam adalékot is hozzá angolul, forrást nem ismerem, fel vannak sorolva azok a bajnokok, akik szintén keveset vagy egyáltalán nem nyertek az utolsó vb-címük után:

“Alberto Ascari won his last title in 1953, however, he did so in Germany (7th race of 9), and won the next race in Switzerland. After that, he didn’t even finish any race (still he scored 1,14 points, because fastest lap scored 1 point back then, but in 1954 Great Britain, 7 drivers had the same time so they all got 1/7 points).
Juan Manuel Fangio won his last title in 1957 with his last victory, but he only started 4 GP’s after that (and had 2-2 2nd and 4th places).
Mike Hawthorn retired after winning his only WC title at the last GP of the 1958 season in Morocco, and he died next January in a car crash. He was the only champion winning his first title at his last race until Nico Rosberg.
Phil Hill won his first title in Italy in 1961, where he also won his 3rd and last victory, although he continued racing until 1964. He had 3 podiums and scored 15 points after winning his only title.
Graham Hill is almost on the list of the drivers not winning a GP after winning their last WC title. He won his 2nd title in 1968, but he won the Monaco GP next year. That was his last victory. After that, he barely scored points (only 18 points and he retired mid-season in 1975).
Jochen Rindt is a special case. He died at the qualifying of the 1970 Italian GP, when he was leading the championship by 20 points ahead of Jack Brabham. With four races left (including Italy), it was possible to score 36 points. Rindt had 45 points, so any driver above 9 points could have won the championship. However, most points were scored by Ickx and Regazzoni, who were not even in the TOP5 before Italy, and they only scored 21 points. That would have been just enough for Brabham, but not for anyone else. Thus, Rindt won the title after his fatal crash.
Jackie Stewart won his last title in 1973, but he did so in Italy, with 2 races to go. He finished 5th in Canada, and didn’t start the race in the US. So, he didn’t win any GP after winning his last title, but he only started 1 GP after that.
Mario Andretti won his first title in Italy in 1978. He continued racing until 1982 (only starting 3 GP’s in his last year), and only scored 22 points (14 in 1979).
Jody Scheckter won his title also in Italy in 1979, and he only scored 5 points after that (3 in 1979, and 2 in 1980). Ferrari, after outperforming everyone in 1979, had a really bad season in 1980, fiinishing 10th in the constructor’s championship. Scheckter retired after the season, although he was only 30 years old.
Niki Lauda, champion of 1975, 1977 and 1984, had a really bad season in 1985, scoring only 14 points, but he still won a race that year. He retired at the end of the season.
Nigel Mansell retired after winning the title in 1992, but first, he did so in Hungary, and won in Portugal later that year, and second, he returned in 1994, and won another GP.
Alain Prost retired after winning his last title in 1993, but he won the title in Portugal with 2 races to go, both of which he finished 2nd.
Damon Hill, just like his father, won only one GP after winning the title, despite racing for another 3 years.
Jacques Villeneuve started 132 GP’s after winning the championship in 1997, but couldn’t win a single race.”